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For the third consecutive year, IPI collected all court case data in Idaho. Data were obtained from the Idaho Supreme Court. In 2021, 1, 975 (about 1.0%) of Idaho’s renting households had an eviction filing and 1,107 (0.6%) were formally evicted.

Overall, eviction court filings rose by 11% from 2020 to 2021. However, the number of households with formal evictions decreased by 1.7%. For much of 2021, Idaho residents still had access to emergency rental assistance funds and federal eviction moratoria were still in place. This could explain the lower numbers of formal evictions despite an increase in filings. It may also explain why both the number of filings and formal evictions have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Although the reason for monthly fluctuations in eviction filings is unclear, the spike in August does correlate with the end of the CDC federal eviction moratorium the previous month.

View the report here.