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2019 Monthly Updates & Annual Report

Idaho Policy Institute’s Update reports provide a summary of the organization’s activities and achievements on a monthly basis.

The December 2019 update is included in the 2019 Annual Report.

2019 Annual Report

2019 was a big year for IPI. We set a new standard in the number of projects with 20, which pushed our total awarded funding at IPI to just over $1 million. But above and beyond all of that, we care deeply about the opportunity to interact, work with, and impact the communities we serve. Just a couple of examples: The Ending Family Homelessness project and the New Path Community Housing evaluations are evidence-based ways to address homelessness and housing insecurity.

We are also showing impact with the follow-up projects that are coming to us. We engaged in ongoing research with the State Board of Education. We are also doing multiple projects with the City of Boise and BLUUM, an education nonprofit organization. IPI also partners with the community through supporting research projects with our Masters of Public Administration (MPA) students. In 2019, MPA students spearheaded 12 projects. Students worked with clients on assessing public/private partnership opportunities, with nonprofit organizations doing focus groups and interviews to assess program effectiveness, and with the State Board of Education surveying the intentions of high school seniors to go on to college. Giving students the opportunity to work on research projects with clients serves to both strengthen the skills and marketability of the students and provide an additional way for organizations to access research at Boise State University.

Downloadable a printable PDF of the 2019 Annual Report

November 2019

The November 2019 monthly update highlights IPI’s commitment to public service and giving back to our communities. Vanessa Fry recently helped develop a program in partnership with Wood River Ability Program to work specifically with youth and young adults with spinal cord injuries. Vanessa Fry and Tasha Smagula donate blood every 8 weeks, and IPI is organizing a toy drive for the Salvation Army. IPI is also going to organize a food drive for the food pantries in the Boise School District.

The issue also updates several projects including:

  • Property tax burdens in Boise
  • The state board of education evaluation for early literacy
  • The Treasure Valley Survey
  • Idaho’s Transportation Infrastructure

The Month in Review describes a presentation given by Dr. Vanessa Fry and Guido Guintini to the Governors Task force on children at risk.

Downloadable a printable PDF of the Nov. 2019 newsletter

October 2019

The October, 2019 monthly update describes the following highlights:

  • 3 new projects
  • 11 ongoing projects
  • 7 projects in the proposal or contracting phase

The issue updates project including:

  • The charter school program evaluation
  • The State Board of Education evaluations
  • A downtown mobility collaborative
  • Idaho’s transportation infrastructure

In the past month, Dr. Ben Larsen presented at the Energy Policy Research Conference hosted by the Energy Policy Institute. Also, Dr. Vanessa Fry kicked off her participation in the American Enterprise Institute’s Leadership Network at a three-day summit in Washington, D.C

Downloadable a printable PDF of the Oct. 2019 newsletter

September 2019

The September 2019 monthly update lists IPI projects in proposal stage, ongoing projects, new projects, projects pending contracting, projects completed.

Publications, press coverage and presentations include a presentation by Vanessa presented WellSky 2019 CareForum alongside Kim Keaton, Corporation for supportive Housing Director of Data and Analysis, at the WellSky 2019 CareForum. Their talk was titled, “First Comes Data: Using Homeless & Healthcare Data to Drive Housing Interventions and Reduce Public Costs.”

In other projects and working groups, Greg and Vanessa are working with Jeff Lyons on the Treasure Valley survey. It was fielded Sept. 14-19, 2019. The completed survey counts were 1,000 Treasure Valley adults: 650 phones (325 landlines, 325 cell phone), 325 online, 25 texts. The results have been analyzed and Greg and Jeff are doing the write up now. We are starting to put together the instrument for the Statewide survey, which will be in the field Dec 2-9 and ready for presentation at the beginning of the 2020 legislative session.

Downloadable a printable PDF of the Sept. 2019 newsletter

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