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Evictions in Idaho

Idaho experienced tremendous population growth over the last decade. As a result, there is a shortage of available affordable and market rate housing. Idaho Policy Institute (IPI) examines evictions as one of the ramifications of this housing shortage. 

IPI collects filing and eviction data from the Idaho Supreme court annually. Data reflects only court filings and formal evictions ordered by a judge. Informal evictions, where tenants are compelled to leave without legal action, also occur across the state but are not easily measured.

  • County and state level eviction data with corresponding census demographics are available in the form of an interactive map.
  • Yearly infographics may include statewide eviction data, year-to-year comparisons, and key findings from the data.
  • Details about data collection and analysis are available in the methodology.

Please contact Benjamin Larsen at if you have any questions.