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2020 Census Response Rates in Idaho

On Friday, October 15, 2020 the U.S. Census Bureau ended the self-response and field data collection for the 2020 Census.

2020 Census Summary

  • The Census Bureau estimates that 99.9% of households in Idaho and across the nation have been enumerated. However, the American Statistical Association warns that this estimate is misleading since it does not account for data quality issues that arose during this year’s count.
  • Idaho is 19th in total self-responses (69%). The state’s response rate is 2 points higher than the U.S. rate (67%).
  • Nonresponse followup (NRFU) accounts for 31% of enumerated households in Idaho, 2 points lower than the national average (33%).
  • Highest county self-response rates: Ada (79%), Canyon (76%), Gem (76%), Bonneville (75%), Payette (74%).
  • Lowest county self-response rates: Camas (31%), Valley (33%), Clark (36%), Custer (37%), Fremont (41%).

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The following map shows 2010 and 2020 Census response rates across Idaho. You can also view response rates in other states by selecting the state from the dropdown menu.

2020 Response Rates

This dashboard was originally posted by the U.S. Census Bureau and shared here to focus on Idaho’s 2020 Census response rate. Therefore in addition to viewing Idaho response rate, you can look at responses rates of all 50 states.

2020 Census Self-Response Rate Map Data and Technical Documentation