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Bachelors in Political Science

Isaac Castellano

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science

Majors in Political Science are prepared for further study at the graduate level or for a variety of careers. Many of our students become teachers or lawyers. Others work for a large corporation as public affairs officers or for federal, state, or local governments in numerous capacities. Some become reporters, lobbyists, or campaign managers; some have been elected to public office.

Areas of emphasis

American Government and Public Policy
This area is offered to students who wish to concentrate their attention on the American political process and behavior. National, state, and local political institutions and their administration are studies, as well as public opinion and voting behavior.

International Relations and Comparative Politics
The International Relations emphasis is designed for students wishing to concentrate on comparative and international politics. A variety of courses is offered on the foreign policies of the United States and major world powers, as well as on international law, international political economy, and political behavior in industrial democracies, post-communist systems, and developing nations.

Public Law and Political Philosophy
For students who wish to enter law school. Political science in considered one of the principle areas of preparation for aspiring law students and special attention is given to political thought, past and present, and the development of political and legal institutions.

Would you like to Become a High School Government Teacher?

The Bachelor of Science in Teaching Government major is a cooperative program with the College of Education, through which students earn certification to teach government, as well as a second field, either History, Economics, or Sociology.

Minor Programs

Minor in Political Science
For students who wish to major in another field, the Department of Political Science offers a minor in political science. Students must complete 21 credits in political science in addition to the requirements for their major. Students are required to take 9 lower-division credits and 12 upper-division credits from the following Course Offerings.

Minor in Canadian Studies
The Canadian studies minor is designed to complement any university major. The program is interdisciplinary in its approach and at the same time permits students to pursue their interest areas in Canadian studies. Students in business, health, education, and the liberal arts are encouraged to pursue the program. Upon successful completion of the 18 credit hours, students receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian government.

Minor in Political Communication
For students interested in developing knowledge and skills that transcend the individual disciplines of Political Science and Communication, the departments of Communication and Political Science offer a minor in political communication. The political communication minor provides students with relevant skills from the disciplines of both communication and political science to prepare students for study at the graduate level, or for careers at the developing nexus of politics and communication.