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Minor Requirements

Political Science Minor Requirements

Course Number and TitleCredits
POLS 200 Introduction to Politics
A student must take two of the following courses:
POLS 300 American Political Institutions and Behaviors
POLS 305 Comparative Politics: Theories, Methods, and Political Processes
POLS 306 International Relations: Actors, Interactions, and Methods
POLS 315 Political Philosophy
Upper-division political science courses
except: POLS 494, POLS 496, or POLS 499. Only three credits of POLS 493 and POLS 497 are allowed.
(It is recommended that students consult with a political science advisor when selecting their upper division courses.)

Canadian Studies Minor Requirements

For extensive information on Canadian Studies at Boise State, an interdisciplinary minor program, please visit the Canadian Studies Website.

Course Number and TitleCredits
CANSTD 301 Investigating Canada: A Preliminary Survey3
CANSTD 302 Controversial Issues in Contemporary Canada3
Interdisciplinary courses chosen from
ANTH 307 Indians of North America
ANTH 312 Prehistory of North America
CANSTD 294, 494 Workshops in Canadian Studies
CANSTD 297,497 Special Topics in Canadian Studies
FRENCH 101 Elementary French I
FRENCH 485 The Francophone World Today
POLS 424 Canadian Politics

Minor in Political Communication Requirements

Political Communication Minor

Latin America and Latino/a Studies Minor Requirements

The LALS minor is offered by the Modern Language and Literatures Department. Please visit the MLL Department website for more information.