Assistantship, Internships and Jobs

Assistantship, Grant & Job Opportunities

MPA students and graduates acquire unique skill sets through their studies. A variety of employers from the public, private and nonprofit job sectors seek employees with these skills. Faculty in Public Policy and Administration work closely with MPA students and graduates who seek support and assistance in their career development. Internships can offer valuable networking and development opportunities. In addition, interested students and graduates should contact Dr. Greg Hill, interim-Internship Coordinator. The Boise State Career Center has a range of services available to assist students/graduates as they make career decisions.

Graduate assistants work 20 hours per week on assigned projects. In return, they are paid an hourly rate (up to a minimum stipend amount) and receive a waiver of tuition and registration fees, including out-of-state tuition and the Student Health Insurance Policy. Applications are available online at: Please include a cover letter, resume, and complete transcripts with the application packet.

  • Accepting applications to fill Graduate Assistantship positions that may become available during the academic year. Submit a current GA application each semester to be considered, as positions become available.
  • Current employment opportunities with Boise State University can be found at the HR website
  • The Energy Policy Institute accepts applications to fill upcoming Graduate Assistant positions. Application packets may be emailed to Kathleen Araujo or submitted to the Energy Policy Institute.
    2019 EPI GA Posting

Internship Opportunities

In order to receive graduate credit for any of the internship opportunities, you must contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Greg Hill before applying for any internship position, either within or outside of the State of Idaho. Dr. Greg Hill, interim-Internship Coordinator, is working with Dr. Fowler to manage the internship program for Public Policy and Administration.

Public Service Internship for MPA Students

MPA students who do not have significant administrative experience in a public sector or other public affairs agency must complete a public service internship. This internship occurs in a government office at the local, state, or national level or in an appropriate public affairs organization, such as a nonprofit organization.

The three-credit elective is in addition to the required 36 semester credit hours from the core area and emphasis.  For each 45 hours spent working with an organization, a student may earn one-credit.

The internship is meant to be a meaningful experience for both the MPA student and the organization in which the internship is served. Through the internship, students can further enhance their preparation for administrative work. At the same time, they are expected to make a valuable contribution to their assigned organizations. Therefore, the internship is usually served when the student is near completion of the MPA program.

Current Intern Requests

Registration for internships is subject to approval. Prior to applying for any of the internship opportunities, you must first consult with Luke Fowler.

To apply, you must complete the on-line Internship Application for Academic Credit process.

Internship Waivers

Students with substantive administrative experience in the public or nonprofit sector may be eligible for a full or partial waiver of the required 3-credit internship. Admitted students seeking such a waiver should petition the Graduate Studies Director per the Internship Guidelines.

  • NASPAA Public Service Internship Guidelines
  • Internship Opportunities click link for additional internship opportunities
  • NASPAA offers hints and a starter-list of websites for current/graduated students of MPA/MPP programs

Employment Opportunities
click link above for additional job opportunities

Career Links

  • American Society for Public Administration (ASPA): The American Society for Public Administration is the largest and most prominent professional association for public administration.
  • The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) connects campus recruiting and career services professionals, and provides best practices, trends, research, professional development, and conferences.
  • The Best Places to Work rankings – the most comprehensive and authoritative rating of employee satisfaction and commitment in the federal government – are produced by the Partnership for Public Service.
  • Breaking Government “is designed to bring government leaders a new blend of analysis, discussion and debate about the innovative ideas at work in the public sector today. Through a combination of original reports, insightful commentary from a wide range of experts, and access to the central hub of this community, BreakingGov delivers fresh insights on the changing business practices and profession – not the politics – of the Federal Government, America’s largest employer and services provider.”