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Better Times

Russel Lee - see caption for full description
Photographer Russell Lee, 1942. At age 32 in 1935 a landscape artist who had been trained as a chemical engineer purchased his first camera. Five years later Russell Lee traveled to Boise, Nampa, and Caldwell to document the success of the Farm Security Administration. LC-USW3- 019997-C. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division
Man and woman unload truck
Farmers’ market in Boise, 1941.
Man holds up jacket to crowd while others look through goods
Auction of second-hand goods in Boise, 1941.
Lumber manufacture - see caption for description
Lumber manufacture, 1941. Mills of the Boise Lumber Company, Boise, Idaho. Ninety-five percent of the production is ponderosa pine, the other five percent consists of fir and larch. This plant is building up a stockpile (June 1941) to supply quantities of ammunitions cases. Lumber for army barracks and cantonments is also being supplied.
Door notice reads closed due to ball game
for a ball game in Nampa, 1941.
Girls wait with buckets in hand
High school girls who are going to the pea fields, Nampa, 1941.
Man carrying large wooden basket on shoulder
Pea picker with hamper of peas, Nampa.
Close up image of onion plants
Onion plants gone to seed 1941, Canyon, County, 1941.
Farm workers unloading their car - see caption for description
Farm workers unloading their car and moving into tent in which they will live at the FSA (Farm Security Administration) migratory labor camp mobile unit. Wilder, Idaho. Tents are floored. The fact that sanitary facilities are available, hot and cold running water for bathing and laundry work, showers and laundry tubs, community building for entertainment and a trailer clinic are a part of the camp make it a better place to live than perhaps the tents would indicate.
Children in school at the Farm Security Administration farm workers’ camp - see caption for full description
Children in school at the Farm Security Administration farm workers’ camp. Caldwell, 1941. The photographer explained that “Caldwell did not have room in its schools for the children from the camp and Caldwell furnishes teachers and FSA furnishes schoolrooms at the camp.”
Man leans against building, woman is speaking to child, another woman looks on
Caldwell street scene, 1941.
Mother helps son get drink from fountain
Mother and children at water fountain in Caldwell, 1941.Water fountain. Caldwell, Idaho.
Woman wringing laundry - See caption for full description
Modern living in Malheur County, 1941. Russell Lee. The photographer explained that “Mrs. Botner, wife of a rehabilitation borrower, [is] wringing laundry in electric wringer. This family has been on the project for about five years.
Train car at coaling station
Coaling station on railroad at Nampa, Idaho.
Pouring milk into cans - see caption for full description
Pouring milk into cans. Farm of member of the Dairymen’s Cooperative Creamery. Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho.
boy laying on top of pig
Greased pig race, Fourth of July, Vale, Oregon.
Man drinks a glass of soda
Lunch, Fourth of July celebration, Vale, Oregon.