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Class Planning



Academic Calendar

Boise State University’s Academic Calendar specifies the policy deadlines, by semester and session, for the following: registration, adding and dropping classes, and withdrawals

Academic Integrity

View the resources for instructors to promote academic integrity

Canvas Training 

Learn more about setting up your Canvas through a variety of training options

Clery Act Training

A U.S. Department of Education mandated training; Please send your compliance certification to the Academic Programs Coordinator, Jordan Jacobs, at

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Boise State University requires this confidentiality agreement be completed; Please send your completed confidentiality agreement to the Academic Programs Coordinator, Jordan Jacobs, at


View the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about submitting grades and due dates or view a visual representation of the directions to submit grades


If you need any photocopies or testing materials, please email your request to with at least 48 hours notice

Syllabi Template

To utilize the template as a starting place for your syllabus


All classrooms have an instructor’s computer, AV and internet connections, whiteboards, and markers are supplied by the Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FOM) department. If additional markers are required, please write the need on the whiteboard for the evening Maintenance personnel

If your class requires unique supplies, please complete the SPS spending request form with specific details and SPS Team Support will try to accommodate the request. Please note, most supplies need to be ordered with two weeks’ notice when possible

Textbooks and Course Materials

If you did not receive a personalized link, head to the Bronco Shop Faculty Course Material Adoptions page. Select SUBMIT ADOPTIONS HERE. Follow the prompts to select materials for your course. You must fill out this form even if you do not use a textbook; just check “No Text Required.”

Bronco Shop and LTS partnered to provide course material access and affordability. To utilize this partnership’s efforts, add the “Course Materials” tool to your Canvas menu by accessing “Settings” in Canvas, selecting the “Navigation” tab, and dragging the “Course Materials” tool up to your active menu items

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  • Clery Act Training
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
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  • Printing
  • Syllabi Template
  • Supplies
  • Textbook and Course Materials