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5 1/2 Essential Housing Hacks

When living on campus at Boise State, there seems to be a lot you need in a relatively limited housing space. While every student has different needs and desires for their space, there’s a few things you can do to make your space truly your own. Consider these 5 ½ housing hacks to simplify your on-campus experience.

1) Find unique storage space options

One useful tip is to think outside of the box when it comes to maximizing your space. In most Boise State dorms, the wardrobe consists of a metal hanging rack with some storage space above. Think about buying an extendable shower curtain rod to put underneath the built-in metal rack to add another layer to your closet. Collapsible, space-saving hangers are also a great way to minimize how much space your clothes take up. Another useful tool is a storage cart, which you can find on Amazon or Target or a bunch of other stores.

2) Consider your meal options before you move in

First-year residential students at Boise State are required to get a meal plan, but for other residential students, it can be a bit overwhelming to consider all of your options. Some dorms will have a full kitchen, including a fridge and an oven/stove-top, but if you want a microwave or coffee maker, you’ll need to bring your own. You’ll want to take a look at your dorm’s specific available amenities, because some may not have a fridge, so if you want to keep perishable items you’ll need to consider buying a mini-fridge for your room. It’s better to have an idea of what will be available to you before you move in.

3) Think about transportation

Residential students have a few options when it comes to transportation. Many students choose to bring a car along with them; in that case, a student can buy a parking permit for the lot closest to their residence. However, bringing along a car may not be an option for every student, and in that case, there are many other options to think about. For a cost-free option, the Bronco Shuttle takes students around campus and through a few spots downtown. Another choice is renting a bike from the Cycle Learning Center to commute around campus and wherever else you may need to go. You can do a day, a weekend, all the way up to a whole semester of renting.

4) Raise the height of your bed

When it comes to saving and making more space in your room, raising the height of your bed makes all the difference. There are three different height options you can choose from: standard, which is just low on the floor; captain height, which is high enough for your dresser to fit under the bed; and lofted height, which will lift the bed 5’3” off the floor, high enough for you to fit your desk and dresser underneath. The captain and lofted height are both great options if you want to make more space for all your essential stuff.

5) Find alternatives to unallowed items

There are a few things you’ll have to learn to live without in your dorm. Candles are not permitted in residential spaces, or any kind of product that uses a flame. For students who still want some scent in their room, you can consider an essential oil diffuser or a spray. Even dryer sheets placed near air-vents can give a much-needed fresh scent when stuffy air gets suffocating. Pushpins are also not allowed on walls, but sticky hooks or strips are good alternatives. Easy to find online!

5 ½) Get to know your R.A.

Each resident hall has a committed Resident Assistant (R.A.) staff dedicated to promoting a safe, positive living space for all students. Forming a relationship with your R.A. can be beneficial in many ways — oftentimes an R.A. is the perfect person to help get you resources, they can help deal with conflict, or give you tips and tricks for your studies.

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