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5 1/2 Places to Experience Fall in the City of Trees

B Plaza
Boise State Scenes, Fall, Kristen McPeek Photo

It’s officially fall, folks! With so many breathtaking views here in Boise, it sometimes takes years living here to take it all in. Whether you’re a local or not, here are some must-see spots for you to visit now that the weather is starting to change.

1) Right here on campus!

A student walking through campus in fall.

Not to brag or anything, but we’ve seriously got some of the best views in the valley right here on our beautiful campus. The trees. The water. The bridges. I mean, c’mon, what’s not to love? Just take a stroll on the greenbelt and see all the fall colors along the river. Soak it all in while it lasts!

2) Camel’s Back Park

Boise Skyline
Camel’s Back Park, Tamanoeconomico, Wikimedia Commons

Okay, so from the street Camel’s Back park looks incredible enough already. It’s got trees and a ton of space for frolicking fun. But wait, there’s more! Take a little hike over the camel’s hump and you’re in for an incredible view of the hills in fall. Well, don’t forget to stop on top for a minute or so for pictures because the view of the whole city is insane. #fallvibes

3) Kathryn Albertson Park

Trees and shrubs around park pond
Kathryn Albertson Park, Cheryl Reed, Creative Commons

Have you gotten a chance to visit Kathryn Alberston park yet? This park is so dense with trees and foliage that it honestly feels like you’re walking through a dream. If you want the best place to take golden hour photos in fall—you’re welcome.

4) Table Rock

Two students hiking Table Rock.

If you are of the hiking variety, you’re in luck. Break a quick sweat and you’ll be greeted at the top with truly the best view the city has to offer. This is definitely one of those things that you have to try at least once while you’re in the area. This picture speaks for itself. Need I say more?

5) Julia Davis Park

Fall scene of friendship bridge
Fall Campus Scenes, Photo by Madison Park

If you don’t have a lot of time and want to check something out that is literally connected to campus, then look no further! Head over Friendship Bridge, behind The Quad and Albertsons Library, to jump right onto the greenbelt or explore the park for some stellar views along the Boise River. Trust me, it’s the best study spot if you’ve got a blanket and a hot beverage.

5 ½) Albertsons Stadium 

Albertsons Stadium

Fall means football, folks. What better way to celebrate this magical season than to attend a Boise State football game! Grab a sweater and a friend and go cheer for your Broncos. You’ll be surrounded by fellow students decked out in orange and blue and match the blue and orange fall sunset. What a beautiful Boise sight.

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