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5 1/2 Secluded Places to Study on Campus

With finals week just around the corner, it’s time to get back into a healthy study habit (not saying you’re not already doing that, but we all need a reminder now and then) and that often means finding a good spot on campus that comes without distraction.

So, here are a few spots where you can really dive into your coursework. No matter where you’re planning on studying, remember to keep safe and clean. It’s not a bad idea to bring some sanitizing wipes and some hand sanitizer.

1) The “egg” chairs in the library

If you go up to the third floor of the library, you can find some very egg-looking chairs that are super comfy, but are also meant for silent, solitary studying. The third floor has been tailor-made for quiet time, so everything is well-spaced and sectioned away from others.

2) The nook behind Driscoll Hall

There are several lovely places to study around the dorms, but this one is particularly nice. It’s surrounded by trees and rests right inside a beautiful and quiet little nook on the back side of Driscoll Hall. You get a lovely view of the Greenbelt too!

3) Spectator seating by the Tennis courts

Tucked behind a big planter in the shape of a Boise”B” are wide stone steps that face the Tennis Center near the Communication Building. You face away from the hustle and bustle of students walking to and from the SUB, Quad, and dorms and might get to see a tennis practice (they usually have upbeat music playing for enjoyment too). It’s quiet earlier in the mornings and warm on sunny days in the afternoon.

4) The amphitheater by Taylor Hall

As long as weather permits, the amphitheater certainly has tons of seating and beautiful trees and scenery all around. It’s a great place to experience a nice warm day while you do some homework. If you’re out there for a while, make sure to wear some sunscreen.

5) Almost anywhere along the greenbelt

It’s warming up here in Idaho and there’s already all kinds of blossoms and new, green growth up and down the greenbelt. Plant yourself on any bench along the side of campus and take in what nature has to offer in the way of trees and flowers while you study to the sound of the Boise River.

5 ½) Your own personal study fort

If you’re doing some online classes, why not have some fun with it? Now, you don’t have to get nearly as fancy as this with all of the lights, and a place for snacks, and your pets, and your laptop, but it would be pretty cool if you did, right?

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