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Room Reservations for MBEB and ILC

Boise State students, faculty, and staff can reserve breakout and lactation rooms on the university campus.

Below is information on where rooms are available and instructions on how to reserve a room.

Breakout Rooms

Students, staff and faculty can reserve “breakout rooms” in the Micron Business and Economics Building (MBEB) and Interactive Learning Center (ILC) for meetings, tutoring, and other needs.

Each room can accommodate up to 8 people.

ILC Breakout RoomsMBEB Breakout Rooms
ILC 216MBEB 1105
ILC 218MBEB 1108
ILC 220MBEB 1009
ILC 222
MBEB 1111
ILC 305MBEB 1122B
ILC 405MBEB 1122C
MBEB 1203
MBEB 1204
MBEB 1205
MBEB 1206
MBEB 1207
MBEB 2011
MBEB 3011
MBEB 3015
MBEB 3017
MBEB 3019
MBEB 3023
MBEB 3025
MBEB 3027
MBEB 3200
MBEB 4004
MBEB 4006
MBEB 4012
MBEB 4014
MBEB 4016

Lactation Rooms

Lactation rooms can be locked with a key available at The Zone in the Interactive Learning Center.

Lactation rooms are available in ILC 305 and 405.

How to Reserve a Room

Use touch panels to make a room reservation.

If the room is available, the touch panel will show a green background with the text “Available” displayed with green backlit buttons:

Room is available

If the room is reserved, the background will be blue with red buttons, and the name of the reservation will be displayed.

room is unavailable
Create a Current Reservation

To create a reservation for the current time, touch the “Reserve Now” button on the screen. There are two reservation options:

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes

Create a Future Reservation

Please note that the Help Desk is unable to schedule breakout rooms in advance for you.

To create a reservation for a future time, select the Day View button, or select the Today physical button.

Navigate to what day is displayed by using the two Day physical buttons, and change the time using the two physical Time buttons on the panel.

To create a reservation from the Schedule View, select a time slot by touching the screen or moving the cursor to a time slot using the physical “up” and “down” arrow buttons, then click Select.

This will bring up the Add Appointment view which allows you to edit the subject of the reservation by touching the Edit button:

add appointment

You can also adjust the duration of the meeting by using the and + buttons on the screen.

Select Save to complete the reservation.

Need Assistance?

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357,, chat, or Help Desk Self Service.

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