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5 1/2 Things About Bronco Welcome

Two smiling students pulling a move-in carrier on wheels to their dorm rooms

You’re here! You did it. You made it to Bronco Welcome and we’re all so happy and excited for you. We’re ready to get the ball rolling and see what great things this semester will bring. Here are some ways you can stay involved throughout (and get the most out of) Bronco Welcome.

1) Make sure you have your Bronco Card

You’ll need to have your Bronco Card as soon as possible for many reasons: building entry, food plans, library printing and equipment usage and student discounts to name a few. Log in and upload all your info (including a photo) and you’ll get an email when you can pick it up at the Info Desk in the SUB.

2) Start your semester off right

We have all the resources you need to start the semester off right. Make sure you’re set up for success by getting your textbooks and course materials from the Bronco Shop and get decked out with cool Bronco gear.

3) Do all the things in Boise

Whether you’re new to Boise or not, you can likely find some awesome activities in this list of things to do. Things like checking out our beautiful parks, enjoying some art in Freak Alley or the Boise Art Museum, hiking up Table Rock, and appreciating some local landmarks (like the Anne Frank Memorial or the Old Idaho Penitentiary) are on our “must-do” list of Boise attractions.

4) Have we mentioned things to do?

We’ve got Convocation, Bronco Night, outdoor movies, the Shortstack Shindig, Ice Cream Social, and a whole bunch more events happening during Bronco Welcome.  Load up your calendar with all kinds of stuff to do throughout the week. See you there!

5) Share your moments with us

Tag @getinvolvedbsu and @boisestatestudentlife in your Bronco Welcome pictures and stories. We want to share in the excitement of Bronco Welcome, moving to Boise, getting your room set up, meeting new people, and more. We’re all so thrilled for you to be here!

5 ½) You did it!

There’s a lot of things to check off of every student’s list before school starts and that is definitely overwhelming, but you’ve done it. A new semester is here! Celebrate yourself! ‘Celebrate Good Times Come On’ by Kool and the Gang lyrics

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