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5 1/2 Things Every New (And Not New) Bronco Should Do

B sculpture plaza on campus
Summer Campus Scenes, B Plaza, Admin Building, photo by Priscilla Grover

Whether you’re brand new to Boise State or not, there’s some iconic things you’ve got to do as a Bronco; things that will make you feel like a true Bronco, help you get to know Boise State and the Boise community, and give you the best info about what’s going on! You heard it here first.

1) Take a photo by the “B”

There’s nothing more officially Bronco than getting a quick Instagram photo by the big, metal “B” at the front of campus. Show off that Bronco spirit!

2) Find a good study spot

We’ve written before about some chill spots to study and relax on campus (view article) (and, not to brag, but I think we picked out some of the best ones). We’ve got such a beautiful campus that it’s worth finding your very own oasis for when you need to focus or destress.

3) Check out the Bronco Shop

I mean, sporting some awesome Bronco attire at the Bronco Shop is essential for everyone who has Boise State pride, but there’s also so many helpful other essentials to get your semester started and keep you organized all year long.

4) Find some awesome food spots

Whether it’s a quick meal or something a little fancier, we’ve done a deep dive on great places to grab a bite. There’s so many cool food hubs around Boise (view article) that it’ll take you a while to check them all out and decide which one(s) you like best.

5) Follow Student Life

If you aren’t already, give us a follow at @boisestatestudentlife on instagram,  sign up for our monthly newsletter (we only send you stuff you need to know!), and check back on the blog for weekly helpful updates. We promise you’ll learn a lot of fun stuff.

5 ½) Do some last minute summer activities!

Before it’s too late go jump in a lake, hike up at Camel’s Back, grab a snow cone — live your best summer life, Broncos!

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