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5 ½ Things about Outdoor Programs

student in a kayak on the river

It’s time to get outside! Boise State’s Outdoor Programs is the perfect place to explore outdoor activities, challenge yourself and make new connections. If you don’t know about this unique resource and everything it has to offer, we’ve boiled it down to 5 ½ things you should know.

1)   Go on an adventure

Outdoor Programs offers several trips to choose from! You can adventure somewhere new and learn skills in a group setting, where you’ll have fun exploring and building friendships. You can even train to become a trip leader if you want to lead an expedition! You can go on trips during the semester, go to clinics and workshops or even create a custom program. You can still sign up for a welcome-back rafting trip on the Payette River. Sign-up for a summer adventure while you still can!

2)  Rent quality gear

Want to go on an adventure but don’t have the right equipment? The Rental Center has you covered. You can rent from a whole catalog of awesome gear. From rafts to snowboards to camping supplies, you can get it all right behind the Rec Center. Check out their rental policies to learn how to pay, return and reserve equipment.

3)  Scale a wall

The climbing gym inside the Rec Center takes adventure to new heights. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert rock climber, the climbing gym is a space for having fun, learning new skills and challenging yourself. Become belay or lead certified for just $10 (Monday through Thursday). Read about Zach Kaelin’s thrill for a challenge with rock climbing.

4)   Experience Boise in a new way

Hiking, camping, backpacking and whitewater rafting. What better place to enjoy the great outdoors than Boise, Idaho? Outdoor Programs provides opportunities for you to explore nature, find a sense of belonging in Boise, and connect with outdoor lovers. Boise is a treasure trove of beauty and adventure waiting to be explored. We love it so much that we made a list of 5 ½ Things We Love About Summer in Boise.

5)  Find a community through Custom Programs

Outdoor Programs is committed to building communities through its Custom Programs. Any group, staff, faculty or department can work with the Outdoor Program to design a custom experience ranging from on-campus team building sessions to custom trips in the Boise Foothills, rafting on the Payette River to overnight camping, and more. Reach out now to start planing your group’s next adventure.

5 ½) Try new things

Even if you feel like this…

Student with hiking gear laying face down on the forest floor in exhaustion

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