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5 ½ Things About Local Boise Food Hubs

Boise is known for a lot of things. Outdoor adventure, friendly people, great weather, Blue Turf…but perhaps one of the monster underappreciated parts of Boise life, is food. Lots of people don’t know that we have tons of great dining districts and areas for any vibe (or appetite!) you’re looking for. So we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top 5 1/2 locations to dine in our city!

1) 8th Street

8th Street is the heart of downtown Boise. It’s where you’ll find the famous Freak Alley as well as tons of restaurants, stores, and coffee shops. With a wide variety of dining options and prices, if you and your friends are struggling to find a place to eat, 8th Street will probably have a spot that everyone can agree on.

2) Hyde Park

If you want the “Small Town, USA” atmosphere, Hyde Park is the place to be. This popular spot has lots of outdoor seating options, plus its close proximity to Camel’s Back Park and the Boise Foothills can make it a great pit stop before or after a day outdoors!


One of the fastest growing restaurant areas in the city of Boise, the BODO district has the new energy and flair that could compete with any other large city. BODO is loosely described as the intersection at 8th and Broad Street. If you’re looking for a classier meal closer to campus at Boise State, BODO is the way to go. With so many new places to eat in this area — like the Warehouse Food Hall — it’s going to take you some time to try them all!

4) Broadway

Looking to use those rewards points you’ve saved up from your favorite national chain? Broadway is the place to be. The mile-and-half long stretch of road from the east side of campus all the way to I-84 is home to probably every national restaurant you can imagine. If you’re in the mood for something comforting, familiar, and affordable Broadway has you covered.

5) On-Campus

You also don’t need to go too far to get some good grub. There’s tons of options available on campus at Boise State. From coffee shops, to national chains, to dining halls such as Buster’s Kitchen or Southfork, to several grab-and-go Market Stations across multiple buildings, it’s almost too easy to grab a bite here on campus!

5 ½)  At Home

While we’ve talked a lot about going out to eat, who also doesn’t like a home cooked meal? You can check out some easy at-home recipes on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate website. And the best part of eating at home, aside from saving money? You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas to eat some delicious food!

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