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5 ½ Things About Registering for Spring Semester

Ok. It might be hard to believe, but it’s already time to start thinking about your classes for spring semester. Registration appointments will be posted October 22. Give it some attention now, so it doesn’t stress you out later.

1) Confirm your registration appointment time.

It’s posted right under your name when you log into (TIP: Your “registration appointment” is the time you can enroll in next semester classes, not an actual appointment you need to attend.)

2) Spring registration opens November 4.

Your appointment is based on the number of credits you’ve earned.

3) Schedule your advising appointment.

If you’re new to Boise State this semester, you may have a required advising (RAD) hold, which means you can’t register for spring semester until you meet with an advisor. If you’re not new, you should still meet with an advisor.  Don’t know who to see for advising? Start here to find your advisor.

4) Do some prep before meeting with your advisor.

Use these tools to help you decide what classes to register for: Degree Tracker can help you make an academic plan from your first semester through graduation. And your Academic Advisement Report will show you exactly where you’re at on your path to graduation.

5) Complete your financial agreement.

All the steps are here.

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