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5 ½ Things About Summer Classes

Students work on assignment outside

Summer — when you just want to think about warm weather, cold ice cream and how to fill those long, sunny days.

Squeezing in a class or two during the summer is a great way to spend some of your time over break. Here are 5 ½ reasons why you should consider enrolling in summer classes.

1) It’s cheaper

For regular fee-paying students, summer per-credit rates are less than fall and spring per-credit rates. Credits for less. Who can argue with that? Keep in mind summer financial aid may be available, too.

2) It’s flexible

Want to keep your summer job AND knock out some credits? It’s possible! Want to play all day and squeeze in an online class? Totally doable. Summer classes are offered in three, five, seven, 10 and 14-week sessions PLUS two or three-day workshops and online options. There are countless ways to take classes and still make the most of your summer vacation.

3) It’s a more laid-back atmosphere

Even though summer classes are more condensed, it’s pretty common for them to feel more laid back. Plus, you can get lots of one-on-one time with your professors! The whole vibe is more relaxed and personal, so if that’s how you learn best, summer classes are the way to go.

4) There’s so many options

Want to strengthen your resume with relevant work experience? Earn some credits by doing an internship. Planning to travel this summer? Choose from 900+ online options and take classes anywhere in the world. Always wanted to add a minor, but can’t find the time? Start working on a minor or certificate this summer. Some summer classes are all about hands-on research, too.

There are a ton of options to choose from. Find one that works best for you!

5) And, obviously, it can help you GET. THAT. DIPLOMA.

We like to say, “Think 30,” which means taking 30 credits each year will give you the best chance to graduate in four years. Use summer classes to help fill out your credits for the year or get ahead and lighten your load in the year to come. Enroll in summer classes starting February 20!

5 ½) Studying outside in the sunshine? It doesn’t get better than that!

Students hanging out with buster outside
Take Boise State home with you! Buster Bronco cheers on a Boise State University Summer Sessions Student as they return home for the summer to take online classes from home.


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