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5 ½ Things Broncos Did to Make the Most of Summer

students sit around a tent and campfire at night

Summer is coming to a close, so we wanted to reflect on what made this summer great. We had fun, worked hard, explored, and relaxed. We asked you on Instagram how you made the most of your summer. Here are a few ways Broncos spent their time.

1)  Camping in nature

Summer is the best time of year to go on camping adventures. Whether you’re pitching a tent somewhere local or hours away, having a little getaway in nature is fun. You can go camping even if you don’t own the gear. Just rent what you need from the campus Outdoor Rental Center.

2)  Traveling the world

Way to go exploring as much as you could this summer, Broncos! Some students traveled across the states to places they’d never been to before, some conquered National Parks and hiked their hearts out, and some even flew to other countries to experience different cultures. But the traveling doesn’t have to stop when the school year starts. Look into studying abroad to spend a semester, or even a year, somewhere new. See the world!

3)  Working hard

Boise is full of hard-working Broncos who spent their summer earning money, saving it, and putting it towards classes. Having a summer job teaches responsibility and equips you with new skills. Here are a few ways you can talk about your summer job on your resume. Want to start the school year with a job? Check out this unofficial guide to getting an on-campus job.

4)  Taking classes

Broncos’ hard work and diligence continued throughout the summer in the classroom. Way to go! Taking summer classes is a great way to get ahead and get the most out of your Boise State education. Make sure you’re prepared for the fall semester and buy your textbooks and course materials.

5)  Eating good food

This summer was full of good times and good food. Whether it was trying a new restaurant or experiencing cuisine in other countries. The good eats don’t have to stop when school starts. Boise has so many great places to eat! When you make your way back to Boise, check out 5 ½ drive-thrus worth a stop and the food options on campus.

5 ½) Listening to music

Summer is better with good music, concerts, and playlists. Keep the good vibes going with good music! Listen to our Spotify and check out what Broncos have on their outdoor playlists.

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