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Heart shaped hands at the B for Valentine’s Day, photo Patrick Sweeney


Happy February, Broncos! We’re officially knee-deep into one of the — dreariest? coldest? most boring? — months of the year. But that also means we’re approaching one of the most divisive holidays of the year: Valentine’s Day. And I say divisive because if you’re like me, while others may be out on dates or doing something fun with a significant other this Valentine’s Day, you may find yourself opting for some me-time instead. In the spirit of making this upcoming Valentine’s Day truly yours, keep on reading for 5 ½ things for a fun, self-care extravaganza!

1) Take yourself out to eat

Nothing is more indulgent than a big, delicious meal. And going out to eat solo can be a great way to not only build your self-confidence, but also prove your true independence to yourself. If you need some recommendations, our article on Boise food hubs is a great start. We’ve also got some great recs on how to cook at home as a college student, which is honestly sometimes more special than just ordering in.

2) Re-watch your favorite movie or show

What’s more comforting than watching an old favorite? I’m going to guess not much. For me, that happens to be a TV show like The Office or a movie like The Social Network. Queue up your comfort front-runner and take some time to really chill out.

3) Unplug

If you’re planning on a self-care Valentine’s Day, don’t let other people’s Snapchat and Instagram stories of them out doing things bog you down from taking care of you. Maybe decide to delete your social media for a few hours (or a day!). This is a tactic that I’ve used and it really helps when you need to fully “get away” from the digital sphere.

4) Declutter, reorganize, redecorate

Cleaning or organizing can be a great way to come out the other end of this Valentine’s Day feeling accomplished and good about yourself. Go through that desk drawer you’ve been throwing papers into or clean up that cluttered closet space. A little decluttering can go a long way in making you feel like a brand new person. We see you. We know you’ve been meaning to glam-ify your study space. Put your own style on it!

5) List the things you’re thankful for

While it may be discouraging to not be “doing” something with someone this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to not let that get under your skin too badly. When I’m feeling stressed or sad or overwhelmed in general, something that’s always yanked me out of that slump is listing things that I’ve been thankful for. Sometimes we forget all the good things, people, and experiences that have happened to us unless we see it all written down on paper. You can also list all the things you adore about yourself. There’s a lot to love.

5 ½)  Know that you’re not on your own!

In a survey from 2021, almost half of Americans say they don’t plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day. While it may seem like everyone has a partner and is out and about on this romantic holiday, that’s truly not the case. It’s important to recognize that. And sometimes spending time with yourself is actually exactly what you need!

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