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5 ½ Things for a Successful Career Fair

In the past, Boise State held career fairs where you would walk in, meet a bunch of employers, have some nice conversations, and hopefully leave with some follow up interviews planned or at least some ideas about where you might want to apply. This year, everything is virtual. You’ll need to register for the fair and then sign up for the specific sessions you’d like to attend. The event takes place over the course of two days, Oct. 14 – 15, from 10a.m. to 2p.m. If you’re intrigued, but not sure where to start, we’ve got some tips that will help you rock this career fair.

1) Virtual career fairs are a lot different than in-person fairs

For starters, there’s no waiting in line to chat with who you want to. You can just book an interview ahead of time and get right down to the good stuff. You can sign up for both group sessions and/or one-on-one sessions with employers you’re interested in. Get started by learning how the virtual fair works, how to sign up, and how to join sessions on the Virtual Career Fair Preparation page.

2) Do your research and come with questions

When you sign up to attend an employer’s session, check out their website, social media, and search online for recent articles and other relevant information. As you’re learning about the organization, write down questions that will engage the employer in real conversation. The best questions reference what you’ve already learned and go into more depth on the topic. See some question ideas here.

3) Update your Handshake profile and resume

Make sure your profile is complete, up-to-date, and includes a resume targeted to the types of positions you’re checking out. Employers might take a look at your profile and resume before or after the fair. So, you want it looking top-notch. Use this virtual workshop and other resume resources to create a strong resume.

4) Plan your attire, location, and background

Dress for the Virtual Career Fair how you would for a normal interview in your career field. Find a quiet location with limited distractions for you and the recruiters. Ideally, you should find a spot with a neutral background or where you can arrange the items behind you to cut down on visual distractions and keep the employer’s attention on you. Get some additional video interviewing tips here.

5) Drop in to a Career Fair prep pop-up

Drop in to an online pop-up to get your Virtual Career Fair questions answered, talk about resume writing, and get general tips and tricks. Trust us, you’re going to want to be prepared.

5 ½) Check out some tips for handling interview anxiety

Interviewing is stressful, but we believe in you. You got this. Here’s some info about how to notice the signs of anxiety and what you can do to manage it.

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