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Figuring out Who I Am

Knowing yourself is more than figuring out your favorite color or music, or your favorite school subject. Knowing yourself means understanding your strengths and weaknesses and your likes and dislikes.

If you need help figuring it out, here are some starting places that might help.

Take a career assessment

Assessments help you explore and clarify your career choices by providing information about YOU and CAREERS. Career assessments can:

  • Provide you with information about your interests, abilities, values, or personality
  • Show you how those things may relate to careers and the process of choosing a career path
  • Give you potential career options and career information to explore
Take the PathwayU career assessment

Get Involved

Are you looking to explore new possibilities? There are so many student clubs and organizations on campus that you’re bound to find one you find interesting. Attend a meeting of a club you might not expect to be interested in, you may surprise yourself.

Explore student clubs and organizations

Gender Equity Center

The Gender Equity Center is a great place to explore your identity. They have welcoming lounges and rooms you can reserve, LGBTQIA+ and healthy relationship resources, and plenty of events throughout the year.

Check out the Gender Equity Center