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Career Fair Preparation

This short video will go over all of the most important things you need to know to be successful at the Career Fair! Don’t miss this opportunity to make your college experience count!

Due to COVID, we are currently unsure if we will be able to offer professional headshots at the spring 2022 In-Person Career and Graduate School Fair. Please check back.

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Additional Tips:

What to Expect at the Career Fair

  • The earlier you arrive to the fair the more alert and enthusiastic the employer representatives will be.  Additionally, try not to come at the very end of the event, because while Career Services discourages employers from leaving early, some representatives may choose to do so.
  • Travel light or check your things at the door. There will be a coat rack and area to leave backpacks, skateboards, etc. outside the ballroom. Remember, if you would not bring it to an interview, don’t bring it into the Career Fair with you! (Career Services cannot guarantee the safety of these items, so please do not bring valuable items with you.)
  • Bring a nice folder, binder, or portfolio for your resumes. This is part of your appearance and the first impression you make.
  • Bring your student ID card. When you arrive, you will scan your card and receive a printed name tag with your name and major.
  • Wear your name tag. Remember that employers meet a lot of students throughout the day, so name tags are really helpful for them.
  • Silence your phone before entering so it does not interrupt a conversation.

How to Approach a Recruiter

  • You will receive a map of the ballroom when you arrive to allow you to find the employers you wish to speak with. Each employer is assigned a table, and most companies will have one or two representatives.  If there is a long line at an employer’s table, consider visiting another company first and then coming back.
  • Introduce yourself in a positive and confident manner.  Smile, make eye contact, project enthusiasm, and offer a firm handshake.
  • Be ready to discuss your background, qualifications, and career goals. Have copies of your resume ready to hand to the recruiters if they ask.
  • Ask questions about career opportunities, specific job openings, and the organization.
  • Don’t leave a table without getting a business card or contact information for the recruiter so that you can follow up.
  • Don’t approach an employer simply for the giveaways at their table.  Only accept giveaways if the employer offers them after speaking with you.
  • Speak/network with as many representatives as possible. Remember that while a company might not be actively recruiting for the type of job you want, it is still an opportunity to establish contacts and get a foot in the door with a company you may be interested in. (For example, Micron may be primarily recruiting STEM majors, but the company employs individuals in all different career fields, so if it’s a company you’re interested in, speak with the recruiter even if they are not actively recruiting for the type of job you want.)

For more information and questions please contact Career Services at (208) 426-1747 or