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5 1/2 Things for Professional Development Over the Summer

Summer is for fun. Summer is for relaxing. Sometimes it’s for summer classes. But for many, summer is also a great time to gain experience, update their resume, and make some serious professional developments. Here are some ways you can do exactly that this summer!

1) Update your resume

Think about all of the cool stuff you’ve done over the last year and add it to your resume! Not sure what to put on there? You can include all kinds of things beyond just work experience like club involvement, academic achievements, and notable class projects. Want an awesome one on one meeting with a professional who can really help you beef up your resume? Make an appointment with a career counselor at Career Services, they still offer appointments over the summer!

2) Do your research

Not sure what you want to do after graduation? Now is a great time to look into it. Do some career exploration, research potential companies that you like, make some discoveries about industries you might be interested in. If you feel like you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, taking the Pathway U assessment through Boise State Career Services. It can give you some ideas of potential careers and industries that may align well with your values and interests.

3) Start networking and have an informational interview

If you’ve thought about what industry you’re interested in, reach out to a professional who works in that field right now. Schedule an informational interview with them where you sit down and talk about their experience. This can help you decide if it’s actually the career path for you. You’ll learn a lot and make a new professional connection. Students have landed internships, mentors, and even post-grad employment from professional relationships that started with a simple informational interview.

4) Create your LinkedIn profile and make sure your socials are employer-approved

If you don’t already have a professional LinkedIn profile, summer is the perfect time to make one. A LinkedIn profile can be a game-changer as far as online professional networking goes. LinkedIn allows you to connect with students and coworkers, but also you can put your accomplishments and skills on display on your profile for recruiters and employers to see. It’s kind of an essential in the job world at this point, so now is a great time to make yours shine!

5) Gain experience

Working an internship or summer job is a great way to build your professional skills, explore a field you think you might enjoy, and even potentially earn a little extra cash. Check out Handshake for some available positions. There are filters that allow you to search for internships, remote work, and/or part-time opportunities.

5 ½) Prepare your happy dance now

Taking these steps will only set you up for success later on. When that big AH-HA! moment comes and you make a huge professional breakthrough, you’re going to want to have that happy dance ready to go—just like this woman did. Pre-congrats on the good news!



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