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5 ½ Things to Do Without Your Phone

Have you been scrolling through Instagram and TikTok for hours this summer? Honestly, me too. Although it’s tempting to be on your phone throughout the day, go do something fun and get that screen time down this week!

1) Start or join a book club

Set that phone down and pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read! Find a friend or group of people you think would enjoy it too. Not only will it hold you accountable to keep reading, but you can discuss different parts of the book you liked or were confused about. Here are some tips on how to make a successful book club.

2) Go on a walk or hike with a friend

Explore the great outdoors and find a new place to hike or walk in your area. Bring a friend or group of people and maybe even have a furry friend tag along. Make sure to pack water and snacks, and wear comfortable shoes with a grip when you hit those trails.

3) Learn to cook something new

If you’re looking for some help with food and nourishment, BroncoFit has a bunch of different options for resources, recipes, and education. Want to try anything or figure out how to make those brussel sprouts from your favorite restaurant? Pinterest is a great way to find recipes of any kind. Print your new recipe out and get cooking!

4) Tidy up your room

Did you miss out on spring cleaning and have some stuff that needs to go? Then it’s time to declutter and figure out the things you can keep, sell, and donate. Marie Kondo, a Japanese organization consultant, has a secret to tidying up and decluttering your life. Go through every individual item and keep what brings you joy.

5) Grab coffee with a friend

Head to your favorite coffee shop and grab someone to join you. As more things open up in different areas, get out in the sunshine and enjoy a refreshing iced latte. If you’d rather stay in, make a cup of coffee or tea at home and sit on the front porch.

5½) Take a nap

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