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5 1/2 Ways to Make a Difference in the New Year

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We’re all looking to 2023 as a way to start fresh. We want to start the new year with a new outlook and a desire to make things better. And, as the saying goes, “It only takes one person to make a big change.” So, here are some ways that you can lend a helping hand and make a difference in the new year.

1) Sign up to help out a local service project

Want to make a long-term difference in the Boise community? Take a look at Local Service Projects you can get involved with. There are plenty of local agencies and businesses that rely on regular volunteer work. Keep checking that page to find groups that need help.

2) Participate in Service Saturdays

The Student Involvement and Leadership Center has organized an ongoing event on Saturdays which helps out local groups for three to four hours. There are no specific dates listed for 2023 just yet, but keep an eye out for ways you can get involved with Service Saturdays.

3) Donate to the food pantry

The food pantry on campus is always taking food that you’re willing to donate. There’s a list of items (like canned food, spices, nuts, oil, and all sorts of items — even personal care items!) on the food pantry page that can help you get started. It’ll show you what they need, and where and when you can donate it.

4) Plan to take an Alternative Spring Break

Use your spring break to make a difference in your community (and beyond!), gain experience, and connect with other Broncos. There are both local options and opportunities outside of Boise, like: Utah, Jamaica, and Seattle. Learn more and apply at the Alternative Spring Break page before the February 1 deadline!

5) Get Involved in clubs

Show your interest in getting involved with student organizations and campus clubs like the Sustainability Club, the Trash Club, Broncos Grow, and more. Check out this form to learn more info and sign up, and check out the entire listing of student organizations too.

5 ½) Feel good about actually doing something

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