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5 1/2 Ways to Unwind Now That the Semester is Over

You finished your last exam, turned in your final paper, and now what? Well, it’s time to relax and erase school from your mind for a while. Here are some easy ways to unwind from this wild school year.

1) Find a new book to read

Reading can be a bore if you have to do it as an assignment. So get sucked into a book you actually enjoy. Whether it’s new fan fiction, a self-help book, or even one full of fun recipes to try during the summer, choose one that best fits you and get reading. And the best part? There won’t be any quizzes afterward.

2) Take a walk or bike ride on the Greenbelt

The weather in Boise is getting crazy beautiful. What better way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air than on a walk or bike ride? Explore a new area or find a fun restaurant to stop in along the way. If you don’t own a bike and walking isn’t totally your thing, don’t worry. You can rent a bike at the Cycle Learning Center. FYI: During the early summer months, there can be some construction happening on the Greenbelt. So, make sure to check out which areas to avoid.

3) Start meditating or taking yoga classes

Summer is the perfect time to better your health both physically and mentally. It’s time for your brain to take a break from those long nights of studying. Take some classes at a yoga studio in the area or download a meditation app to try at home. It’s like a spa day, but for your mind! After the year you’ve had, you deserve it.

4) Find a new trail to hike

Whether you decide to go with friends or want to enjoy nature in solitude, Idaho has plenty of awesome hiking trails that are perfect for summertime. Blue Lake Trail is two hours north of Boise. The hike is around a mile long and leads to a lake with literally the bluest water—it’s like, breathtaking. But If you’re looking for trails closer to the city, check out our 5 ½ of Boise’s Best Hiking Trails.

5) Watch the sunset

Boise seriously has some of the prettiest summer sunsets. With the sun setting later during the summertime, there’s plenty of hours in the day to grab a bite to eat, do some fun summer activities, and still catch the fiery, red sky. To make the experience even better, bring a dessert or snack and someone to share it with. Great places to watch include the foothills, Table Rock, or Bogus Basin Rd.

5 1/2) Pretend you’re on a tropical island somewhere!

Light a candle and turn on some ocean sounds. Just you, the beach, and happy feelings—vibing the summer away.

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