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8 Students to Inspire You During Women’s History Month

There is no template for being a groundbreaking student at Boise State. There is no set major, specific clubs to join, or a predetermined academic checklist you can use to be successful at this university, and into your career. We all bring to Boise State our own set of challenges and life experiences, which shape both the university and our own paths.

We’re honored to showcase 8 magnificent women who are doing serious work to not only build an impressive career for themselves, but they’re making sure the world knows just how powerful any woman’s influence can be on their chosen field (and beyond!). These women are unapologetically dreaming big, making a difference in their communities, and setting a precedent of what true womanhood looks like at Boise State. Here’s what these accomplished students had to say about Women’s History Month and their time at Boise State.

Liz Fuller, senior, Political Science and Criminal Justice major with a Human Rights Certificate

“Women’s History Month allows for us to reflect on the progress women have made while also focusing on the positive impact we can make in the future. As I look towards my future, I hope I can use my future law degree to contribute to a more positive future not just for women, but for all people.”

Cheyon Sheen, junior, Civil Engineering major with a minor in Environmental Studies and language certificates in ASL, Korean, and French

“I am passionate about making innovative, sustainable infrastructure focused on serving marginalized communities, with a more particular focus in restoring Idaho wild salmon back to harvestable populations. As a woman and an Asian American, I have both seen and experienced how these communities are underserved, which is why I strive to use my multidisciplinary education to build better solutions that are inclusive, accessible, and sustainable.

Women’s History Month is a time I celebrate and pay extra gratitude to all the women who came before me to pave the path that I am on today. Civil engineering is a male dominant field, and I often look at the women civil engineers who came before me for guidance and hope. Women’s History Month is also a time to celebrate all the women who are making history today and will be making history. There are not many women engineers at Boise State, but I have attended class and interacted with some really amazing future women engineers and I am confident that they also will make history. We are all trying to build a bigger, better path for those who come after us.

Boise State is a place where I have been able to receive lots of individual support to pursue my passion and environmental centered work.”

Tessa Otuafi, senior, Elementary Education major, Boise State Gymnastics Athlete

“Being recognized during Women’s History Month is an honor. I believe that women are the backbone and foundation of all things great. I hope that in my daily life I demonstrate that with hard work and perseverance women can do anything they set their minds to.”

Kalli Proffitt
Kalli Proffitt, senior, majoring in Biology: Ecology, Evolution with a Behavior Emphasis

“Boise State is an opportunity for me to connect with an insightful environmental community, conducting my potential. Women’s History Month is a chance to reflect how resilient we can be. Society underestimates the curiosity of a mind. Waves for the future include all gender identifications. Trust your mind and individual contributions.

Shout out to Betty White. She is a woman who lived and acted on her beliefs with courage. In doing so, she made the world a better place.”

Barbe Tom, senior, Business Administration major with a minor in Nonprofit and Certificates in Leadership and HR – Member of the Intertribal Native Council

“Boise State has been a space that has allowed me to find myself as an indigenous woman/student living in an urban setting.

Women’s History Month means to give recognition and thanks to the women who have paved paths for me to have the opportunities I have today (both relatives and famous historical figures).

I hope that I am a person who breaks down barriers of Indigenous women belonging in a leadership/business setting and become a resource for those who want to develop their own leadership or business qualities.”

Grace Burgert, junior, studying Political Science, Mandarin Chinese, and UX design – ASBSU Vice President of Inclusive Excellence

“Boise State matters to me because of the community around me. I support and learn from this community, and it’s what continues to fuel my passion for public service. Currently, I’m working in student government to promote sexual and domestic violence awareness and to create space and accessibility for students with marginalized and underrepresented identities in university decisions.”

Genevieve Crenshaw, sophomore, Health Studies major, Boise State Soccer athlete

“Boise State means family to me, it means the opportunity to grow into the best version of myself. Women’s History Month is more than just a month, it is celebrating the path that many great women have paved for generations to come. My goal is to continue the hard work women of past generations have put in by performing the way they did, making an impact, and overall leaving a legacy the way women have always done. ”

Elizabeth Gomez, junior, majoring in International Business and Marketing – President of Organización de Estudiantes Latino Americanos

“Boise State has become an important chapter in my life due to the fact that I’m here trying to get my undergraduate degree. Being a woman in this day and age is a privilege, there have been so many things we have achieved, but still have so much to fight for and stand up for, that is why Women’s History Month means so much to me.”

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