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5 ½ Things to Look For in an Employer

Let’s talk about finding your perfect job. You put yourself out there, pour your heart into presenting your very best self, and then wait to be picked from a pool of everyone else doing the same. But don’t forget about another big part of it.

Yes, employers get to be picky with who they hire, but you get to be picky about who you work for. The work that you’ll do definitely determines whether you’ll be happy at your job, but so does how your employer treats you. So while you’re searching for your perfect job, think about what you value in your employer. Here are some things to look for:

1) Their Mission

We want give our time and energy to organizations that deserve it, right? Look at the mission of the employer you’re thinking about working for. Do they value their community and give back to it? Are they concerned with equity and creating an inclusive work environment? Whatever they’re doing, make sure their mission and values align with yours.

2) Work life balance

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Sure, work can be fun, fulfilling, and something you’re passionate about, but let’s be honest. We also need time to enjoy hobbies, or just unplug and relax. Find an employer that understands the importance of work life balance. Studies show you’re more likely to avoid burnout and be more productive if you work for someone who also values that balance.

3) Career Advancement Opportunities

Work for someone who supports you and wants you to grow professionally. Look for professional development opportunities, like bringing guest speakers to talk about career growth, or offering leadership courses. Do they prioritize hiring within the company, and want to see YOU promoted? Ask about these things during your interview. And if you’re not at that stage yet, ask to chat with someone about the company, their role, and how they think their organization supports them and wants them to grow.

4) Job Security

Let’s be real. Being able to count on your job for the foreseeable future removes a LOT of stress. Ask around to see how long employees have worked there and if there’s a history of layoffs. Pay attention to any probation periods (over six months could be a warning sign!). If tough economic times hit, you want to be able to depend on your job and the stability it provides. Plus, if you can build long lasting and productive relationships with your coworkers, you’ll have much greater job satisfaction.

5) Reputation

Do a little background research on your potential employer. Ask people working in your industry who are familiar with the organization you’re thinking of working for. Look for their average earnings, company growth, ratings across platforms (best place to work, company culture, etc.).

5 ½) Workplace Preferences

The pandemic taught us that remote work can be kind of….awesome! Find a place that can work with how you want to work!

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