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Building a Support System

The best time to seek help is before you really need it. Easier said than done. Being aware of what’s available and building your own personal support system can make the difference between struggling and thriving.

Remember, support comes in many forms; so keep an open mind. You might find it in an unexpected place. It could be a professor who introduces you to a new world, an advisor or boss who mentors you, or a classmate who invites you to new club or activity that wasn’t even on your radar.

Your Professors

Have a professor who teaches about something that fascinates you? Talk to them. Ask a question. Get to know your instructors, and they can introduce you to a whole new world of opportunities.


Advisors can help you make decisions on classes and other opportunities to take advantage of to reach your academic goals. If you’ve chosen a major, you should have an assigned advisor within your department. If you’re still exploring your options, you can make an appointment with an advisor in the Advising and Academic Support Center.

Meet with an advisor

Student Diversity Center

Broncos come from all walks of life, and the Student Diversity and Inclusion office helps make sure every Bronco feels welcome, supported and celebrated. Visit the Student Diversity Center and connect with the rich diversity that makes up the Boise State community.

Learn more about Student Diversity and Inclusion

Gender Equity Center

The Gender Equity Center is a friendly, supportive environment for people of all gender identities to explore, celebrate, and educate the campus community about gender equity.

Learn more about the Gender Equity Center