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Food Options

You have to eat. How well you eat has a huge impact on your ability to think clearly and be well. When hunger strikes, know where to go to satisfy your appetite. We’ve put together a menu of food options to help you stretch your budget, from brown bag to meal plan to a free food pantry.

Food Assistance

If you’re struggling to pay bills AND fill your stomach, the Dean of Students office has a couple programs that can help.

Food assistance programs

Meal Plans

Meal plans are getting revamped at the moment, so stay tuned for updated options. We’ll have more info linked here soon.

CampUs App

CampUs is an app built for students by students. Download the app and it will send you notifications when a catered event on campus has leftover food. Then just go to the designated location and get free food, no questions asked.

CampUs is available in the App Store and Google Play for Android.

Learn more about CampUs

Meals on a Budget

Go-to food tip: keep a collection of recipes and ideas for quick, easy and inexpensive meals handy. Check out the MyPlate page on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website to put together a great list of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas on a budget.

Find meal ideas on a budget

Community Resources

Idaho SNAP

Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program

More About Food Options

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