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An Unofficial Guide to Eating on Campus

Vegan poke bowl with avocado, tofu, rice, seaweed, carrots and mangoes, white background. Vegan food concept.

Picture this: you’re darting between classes and need to grab a quick snack as you pass the Student Union Building (SUB), or maybe you’ve finished your morning classes and it’s time to grab some lunch before you start your study sesh. You need to know all the food options available to you on campus! Hey, we’ve got you, Broncos. Here’s everything you need to know. (FYI all of these options will be available when the semester starts, unless otherwise specified. We’re stoked.)

The Market

Starting fall 2022, Boise State Dining is getting some major upgrades, beginning with The Market convenience stores in the SUB and Interactive Learning Center (ILC). The ILC location will open sometime around mid-September, but the SUB and Sawtooth Markets are open now. You can swing by and get all the usual convenience options, but also some great, fresh grab and go options when you need a quick snack or refuel.

Vending machines

Vending machines are a new addition to campus as well. What kind, you ask? I’ll tell you. These aren’t your typical vending machines filled with stale crackers. You can expect things like sushi, sandwiches, and drinks for a heartier meal when you need it. Some vending machines are refrigerated so you just open it up, grab what you want, pay with Dining Dollars, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or with a card, and be on your way. Other vending machines will heat up food and snacks, like pastries and pizza! These will be sprinkled throughout campus, so be on the lookout for them near the dorms and other buildings on campus.

New Stuff in Buster’s Kitchen & the ILC

Both kitchens on campus are also getting an upgrade. The kitchen in the SUB, the main dining hall on campus, which used to be called the Boise River Cafe, will now be known as Buster’s Kitchen. They’ll have options like The Grill, a pizzeria, among other eateries opening throughout the semester (like Chick-fil-A). Replacing Moe’s later in the semester is going to be a new place called Sous Vide Kitchen, which will offer some awesome, high-end dining options. So, keep an eye out! The ILC is getting a Meraki Street Food opening at the beginning of the semester as well.

You can expect Buster’s Kitchen to be open continuously from now on Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. and on the weekends 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Allergy friendly & vegetarian options

Another awesome thing about both kitchens is that there will be options available free of the 9 major allergens and vegetarian options too! When you go into either kitchen, look for QR codes near each restaurant if you want to build your own meal. Scan the code, customize your order, and just sit back and relax. You don’t have to wait in a line, your meal will be made exactly how you want, and you’ll get a notification when it’s ready for pickup. An awesome way to beat the traffic.

Smoothies & sushi

In the middle of the SUB, sharing half of the space with Tree City smoothie, there will now be a fresh sushi maker on campus — Hissho Sushi — the same one that’ll be supplying sushi to the vending machines across campus. I know, right? So rad.

Coffee & donuts

As for coffee, an essential food group, Guru donuts will still be in Albertsons Library and Starbucks will stay in the SUB. You can also check out Poppy Seed Cafe in the Micron Business and Economics Building, Urban Fox in the Multipurpose Classroom Building, and Einstein’s Bagels in the ILC for coffee (and other treats too!) Just don’t get too caffeinated.

The Campus Food Pantry

Don’t forget about our beloved Campus Food Pantry either! As always, they’ll keep the pantry stocked with totally free food and other supplies to any student who needs it.

You can work for Boise State Dining!

Boise State Dining is also hiring! For several positions. They’ve got flexible scheduling, including as many hours as a student might want. It’s a great on-campus opportunity for students!

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