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Two Boise State students smiling while holding pancakes.
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In college, eating (and balling) on a budget is par for the course. To help you eat well while also being financially savvy, we’ve compiled a list of things to 5 ½ things for eating on a budget.

1) Local hubs

We have lots of great food hubs right here in Boise, many of which we listed in one another 5 ½ Things article. These places offer a wide variety of options and prices.

2) Campus food pantry

Our on-campus Food Pantry has food, hygiene products, and snack items available five days a week if you’re ever in need. You’ll find this resource conveniently located in the Campus School Building.

3) Snacking at home

Eating at home in general can be a very effective way to eat on the cheap. You can find some pretty affordable meals for one at places like Traders Joe’s (they have premade $4 salads and other snacks you can grab and go for even less) or Winco Foods. There are also some great articles online about easy recipes you can cook at home.

4) Eating out on a budget

Going out to eat with your friends doesn’t necessarily have to break your bank account. Maybe you can go for appetizers or dessert instead of a whole meal. Many restaurants in the area also have rewards points or punch cards, so be sure to ask if they have those at your favorite spots.

5) Bites on campus

There are great places on campus to get some cheaper eats. The Boise Go Market stations scattered across campus have great packaged snacks that are convenient if you’re, well, on the go. You also have all our on-campus restaurants that you can use your meal swipes and dining dollars at.

5 1/2) Our favorite places

We asked around the Student Life office for the best yummy, affordable places you can catch our staff at. Favorites included Tin Roof, the deli at nearby Albertsons on Broadway, Hissho Sushi in the Student Union Building, and Taco Tuesday at Cafe Rio!

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