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Find my People

One of the great things about life as a Bronco is the lasting friendships you’ll make. Whether it’s a group you go through your academic program with, or the club you stumble upon and fall in love with, those connections with people who share your interests will define your time at Boise State. Get involved. Find your people.

Student Orgs

Boise State has more than 200 student organizations, and they’re a fantastic way to find your people. Search through the list of clubs and organizations for something that interests you, and you’ll find people who “get” you.

Find some clubs and organizations

Fraternities and Sororities

With 24 different chapters, Boise State’s fraternity and sorority community provides countless opportunities to get involved and grow both personally and professionally.

Create your story at a fraternity or sorority

Outdoor Programs

If you’re interested in the outdoors, the Outdoor Program has some amazing opportunities for you. They have outdoor trips you can sign up for, plus a ton of rental gear like water and river gear, winter gear, camping, backpacking, hiking, or climbing gear. There’s also the indoor climbing gym in the Rec Center for you to practice on.

Check out the Outdoor Program

Play some sports

The Rec Center offers Intramural and Club sports you can sign up for. Intramural sports are for competition on campus with the campus community. Club sports are student-run organizations that have more eligibility requirements and teams practice on a regular basis, have non-player coaches, compete for conference championships, and represent Boise State University.

Find out more about Intramural/Club Sports

Music and Dance

What better way to find your people than to connect with like-minded Broncos who share your passion? Whether you want to join the iconic Blue Thunder Marching Band or give choir ensembles a try, with so many ways to unleash your creative side you’ll be sure to make lasting friendships.

Explore music and dance opportunities

Student Equity Center

If you’re interested in issues of equity and social justice for students related to culture, countries of origin or ethnic heritage, the Student Equity Center is the place for you. They provide programs and trainings, mentoring for first-generation students, and many campus-wide events throughout the year.

Visit Student Equity Center


Veteran Services helps you make the transition from military life to university life. They can help you with your GI Bill and its educational benefits, connect you with the Veteran community, use the textbook lending library, and many other services.

Connect with Veterans Services

Gender Equity Center

The Gender Equity Center is a friendly, supportive environment for people of all gender identities. They offer events, volunteer opportunities and a welcoming space to find and build your community.

Find your community at the Gender Equity Center

Professional Organizations

Many colleges have student chapters of professional organizations. While you are immersed with your class work, you can network within your field – both with fellow students and professionals – build your resume, and create lasting friendships.

Look for professional organizations in your field

College Connections

Have a professor who teaches about something that fascinates you? Talk to them. Ask a question. Get to know your instructors, and they can introduce you to a whole new world of opportunities.

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