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How Work-Study Works

Work-study can be a confusing term. It’s a form of financial aid that you apply for through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). By checking the box on the FAFSA that asks “are you interested in work-study?” you tell Boise State’s financial aid folks that you want to work on campus and receive a bi-weekly check. On average, most jobs are for up to 20 hours a week and pay $9/hour. The annual award is $4,000 if you apply early and qualify.

Work-study is based on your financial need, so not everyone who files the FAFSA will qualify, but it’s worth applying for because there are some huge benefits:

  • There’s no commuting because jobs are already on campus
  • Your employer will work with you around your class schedule – that’s your first priority
  • You’ll gain valuable job experience – it’s a way to build your resume and your bank account
  • Bi-weekly checks mean you have spending money throughout the semester
  • Work-study can introduce you to the inner workings of Boise State
  • FICA tax is not deducted from your earnings so you will have more take-home pay than a comparable off-campus wage
  • Work-study earnings are deducted from your income on future FAFSAs, so you could be eligible for more aid

Work-study is available for undergraduate, graduate, full-time and part-time (at least half time) students. The typical jobs at Boise State serve the campus community at large in a variety of departments and locations.

It’s easy to apply for work-study. Here’s how:

  1. File the FAFSA early by February 15 priority date
  2. Check that you want work-study
  3. Enroll at least half-time 
  4. Have demonstrated financial need
  5. Accept your work-study if awarded, or put your name on a waitlist if not yet awarded
  6. Find a campus job through Handshake
  7. You can always cancel if it doesn’t work out – at least you have secured the funds

It’s worth checking into your financial options to help you pay for your education. If you have questions about work-study or other forms of financial aid, email or drop by the Financial Aid Office.