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I Didn’t Know That: Sustainability Efforts on Campus

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It’s Earth Day! And we’re excited, but we don’t want to cram all of our environmental energy into a single day. There’s a whole bunch of different things you can get involved in on campus to help with our environmental impact. Oh, you thought we were only going to talk about using less water and recycling? Think again. Well, don’t think again, you should definitely recycle and use less water where you can. But also check out these other cool things you can do.

Bee Team

Bees are insanely important to our environment. Like, seriously. If we didn’t have bees, the whole ecosystem would basically fall apart. So, learning how to cultivate bees and care for them is a super environmentally friendly thing to do. AND anyone can join this student club.

Trash Club

A build-up of trash around town can be damaging for animals and the environment. So, the Trash Club is doing something about it. We actually did an article about them a while back. They work hard to keep our environment clean and you can help them too!

Cycle Learning Center

Betcha didn’t think about bikes, did you? Okay, you probably did, because you’re smart. Well, yeah, if you want to cut down on your emissions, cycling is a great thing to get into (and it’s a great form of exercise!) They have bikes for sale and for rent, even for a whole semester.

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club runs an on-campus garden which they use to grow foods that they can give back to our local community. Charitable and eco-friendly! They also want to teach people about how to garden and grow their own foods in a sustainable way.

Campus Sustainability Department

Yeah, there’s a whole department just for sustainability! They have educational events, activities, and ways to get involved throughout the year. There’s an Arbor Day celebration happening at Friendship Bridge on April 29 from 2 – 4 p.m. Stop by, celebrate Boise State’s designation as an Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus, help clean up campus, and grab a snack while you’re at it.

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