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“Scary” and “awkward” — two words which often come to mind when the topic of networking is brought up in conversation. Many students feel uncomfortable or even intimidated when trying to create a professional network and build on those connections they already have. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as many organizations in Boise (and nationally) are here to guide young people through the networking process.

Boise Young Professionals

BYP is an organization whose goal is to “connect, empower, and engage” young people by putting on events for both social and professional networking so you can increase your network and open the door to more opportunities. With over 1,900 members, ranging in age from 21 to 40, BYP is a great way to get your name out there and start learning more about what people in your career field have to offer. If you have a dream job, this is also an opportunity to get a sneak peek into what an average day looks like by talking to potential mentors who work in positions you’re interested in. Joining will give you professional and leadership skills, and give you the opportunity to give back to the community through service events and volunteering.

Treasure Valley Professional Network

If you’re looking for a smaller, more tight-knit environment to start your networking journey, Treasure Valley Professional Network could work for you. Local businesses send representatives to their meetings, and provide an opportunity for members to learn more about small businesses in fields that you may not have heard of. TVPN wants to help you accomplish both your personal and professional goals and hold you accountable in reaching them. You don’t have to be a member in order to attend TVPN events, so they’re easily accessible to local, young professionals, like yourself.

Career Field Specific Networking Groups

Joining networking organizations specific to your field of interest can also be great for making targeted connections. Groups range from marketing to health sciences, and from engineering to public service! There are endless organizations you can look into, many of which have lots of chapters across the country. If you’re wanting to start this search, google will be your best friend. Look up local networking organizations/chapters in your area and see if any are of interest to you! You can also check out your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of local networking events and/or search networking platforms like Meetup and Toastmasters. For more tips on how to find your industry specific networking groups, click here.

Wanting some advice on your professional goals or looking for information on your career field? Don’t have the time to attend big networking events? Check out BroncoLink and chat with some of our Bronco alumni about what they do and advice they have for you!

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