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Parking Hacks

Sometimes I’ll go out of my way to find a free spot, even when it’s ridiculous to do so. Taking a Lyft probably would’ve saved me more money than my time to walk an extra half mile is worth on those occasions. But there’s a plus side to my stubbornness: I know where all the free parking spots are around campus. I’m hoping I won’t regret sharing this with you, but I mostly bike now so I’ll risk it. Disclaimer: most of these locations are gobbled up by 8 a.m., but that doesn’t mean you won’t get lucky.

The Student Satellite Zones

Park at one of these locations and take a free shuttle to campus.

– Elder Street Park & Ride

– Dona Larsen Park

– Boas Soccer and Tennis Complex

Chrisway Dr.

There’s a small number of free spots here, but most of the street is for residential parking only.

Juanita St.

The entire street from Boise Ave to University Dr. is free to park on one side of the street. Be careful not to park too closely to driveways, and keep an eye on the no parking signs with the arrows.

W University Dr.

Very few open spaces near the Student Union Building.

W. Yale Ct.

Not a whole lot of spaces, but there’s free parking to be had.

Boise Ave.

Some spots near Juanita, and more near Capital.

Campus parking on Boise Ave.

A bunch more streets near campus have free parking in some areas: S Denver Ave., S Euclid Ave., S Grant Ave., S Manitou.

Tune in when I give tips and tricks on how to bike to campus during cold, windy, rainy, snowy conditions… The lengths I go through.