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Live a Balanced Life

It’s not easy keeping the balance between classes and work and friends and family and ALL. THE. THINGS. But there are people and places on campus to help you find and keep the balance you need in your life.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services helps you tap into your strengths and find resources to deal more effectively with concerns that impact your pursuit of personal and academic goals. They offer individual, multi-person couples, and group counseling.

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Fitness Programs

Keeping yourself healthy is an important part of maintaining balance in your life. The Rec Center has free fitness classes available for you to drop in. They offer yoga classes throughout the day – so you can fit one in no matter what your schedule looks like – as well as cycling, TRX, dance, core work and water workouts.

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BroncoFit Resources

You’ll find a whole list of programs and resources here to help you focus on wellness from many angles: nutrition, exercise, counseling, and staying healthy during COVID.

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