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ProctorU Live+

Note: This page includes student and instructor information about ProctorU’s Live+ service. Please see the Record+ page for information about that service.

Live+ is a ProctorU service line that provides a live proctor from start to finish for virtually proctored exams and is supported by Boise State University. Students may use this service if their instructor permits it for their course. Whether you’re an instructor or student, you should create your account with your Boise State email to get started.

Create a ProctorU Account

Instructor Requirements

List Exams on Live+: 

**To use Live+ for your course a notice of potential cost must be included in the notes section in Peoplesoft prior to registration. This is to adhere to federal accreditation requirements. For more information on this requirement and approved verbiage in Peoplesoft please contact Tara Garza at

Instructors should list exams on ProctorU as early in the term as possible. Each test submission should include complete and accurate instructions for the proctor. New Faculty must create a ProctorU Instructor Account to get started.

Create an Off-Campus Test Copy in Canvas: Students will use the Off-campus copy of the exam when testing with Live+. This copy of the test must be configured according to the required off-campus exam settings (link coming soon).

Apply Accommodations: The instructor must configure the proper exceptions in the test settings to accommodate students who qualify for extended time on exams. The instructor should also ensure that relevant accommodation information is listed on ProctorU to inform the test proctor.

Provide Sign up Information: The instructor must inform students that the exam is available for scheduling on ProctorU and provide the registration instructions outlined in the links at the bottom of this page. 

*All tech support for Live+ exams are handled through ProctorU.

Student Requirements

Schedule On-Time: Students should schedule their exams early to avoid additional fees for last-minute appointments.

Verify Technical Requirements: Students should verify that they meet the technical requirements for using ProctorU before the test date. Required technical specifications are outlined on the ProctorU website, along with a tool that automatically verifies compatibility.


ProctorU pricing is based on the length of the exam (billing occurs after the session). Exam fees generally range from $15 to $30.Students who wait until the last minute to reserve their exam time will be assessed an additional late fee, $5 per exam hour (72 hours to 24 hours ahead of appointment) or $8.75 per exam hour (less than 24 hours ahead of appointment). A $12.00 fee applies if the test is scheduled less than 4 hours in advance.

*Please be aware that you are responsible for additional fees assessed due to late scheduling.

60 minutes or less$15.00
61-120 minutes $20.00
121-180 minutes $25.00
181 minutes or longer $30.00

 Note: A $50.00 flat fee is charged to Administer the KAPLAN Admissions Test for the School of Nursing.

How it Works

Testers must have access to a reliable internet connection, as well as a computer with a microphone and webcam. If you need assistance with the sign-up process, or if you have questions about the service in general, visit the ProctorU help center page.

Get started with ProctorU

Video - Steps for test takers

Proctor-U Student Information

Proctor-U Student Information

ProctorU Help Center

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ProctorU Terms of Service

ProctorU Terms of Service

ProctorU Privacy Policy

ProctorU Privacy Policy
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