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Theatre, Film and Creative Writing

photo of theatre production


The Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing serves the University and the College of Arts and Sciences as a partnership of programs focusing on the learning, practice, and interaction of the dramatic, cinematic, and literary arts. Located within the School of Arts, the Department fosters the rigorous intellectual investigation of form, practice, and theory, and an active arts community through undergraduate research, professional training, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary collaboration between each of its three programs.

Theatre Arts

The Theatre program provides theoretical and practical courses in a variety of areas, all within a liberal arts-based environment. The program also produces plays and dance concerts each year that train our majors in every aspect of production. These performances challenge and educate our students and provides cultural enrichment to the community at large. The program strives to prepare graduates to work in the entertainment industry, to study theatre or dance at the graduate level, or to achieve certification to teach drama.

Passion Play, Fall 2019
Passion Play, Fall 2019

Film and Television Arts

The Film and Television Arts program provides theoretical and practical courses in a variety of cinematic production areas, either through a liberal-arts based degree or a professionally-oriented degree. The program emphasizes experiential learning through projects such as the Narrative Television Initiative, in which majors participate in every aspect of the creation of a sequential television series, from writing the pilot to entering the finished series in national television festivals.

Creative Writing Program

The Creative Writing program offers a variety of degree paths for students seeking to pursue the study of creative writing. Each degree offers a strong foundation in traditional and contemporary letters, creative writing in the classroom, and various approaches to career goals. The degrees are designed for students seeking to prepare for careers requiring strong writing backgrounds; students seeking to develop professional portfolios in one of the specialized areas of creative non-fiction, fiction, or poetry; or students pursuing narrative writing careers with additional opportunities in writing for theatre, film, and television. The program provides a foundation in traditional and contemporary literature, creative writing classes, and opportunities to study professional editing and publishing. The Creative Writing program houses theĀ  Idaho Review and the Free Poetry Chapbook series.

Accredited Institutional Member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (accreditation renewal approved Spring 2018).


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