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Alum wins IGEM award to collaborate with INFlex Labs, LLC. and advance nano ink industry

Engineering researchers Dave Estrada, Harish Subbaraman (INFLex) and Tony Vayahil (PI on grant), for IGEM article.

Tony Valayil Varghese, a Boise State alum of the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering, is determined to advance the potential of nanomaterial inks for printed and flexible hybrid electronics with the support of an IGEM Commerce grant of more than $196,000. Through this grant, Boise State research scientist Varghese will be able to develop these inks and commercialize them in collaboration with INFlex Labs, LLC., owned and operated by Boise State University associate professor Dave Estrada and associate professor Harish Subbaraman.

Varghese recently completed the Idaho I-Corps Ignite summer program, presented in partnership by Boise State University‘s Venture College, Idaho State University, University of Idaho, and the Center for Advanced Energy Studies.

Idaho I-Corps Ignite is devoted to helping university faculty, post-doctoral, and graduate students across Idaho advance their ideas. This program delivers training, provides a network, facilitates connections to service and capital providers, and establishes a scalable structure for participants seeking to go to market with their ideas.

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