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David McKinzie, ‘The Voice of Boise’ inspires young entrepreneurs

David McKinzie with Grammy winning rock band, Papa Roach
David McKinzie with Grammy winning rock band, Papa Roach

David McKinzie was born in Michigan and grew up in Dallas, Texas. Wanting to pursue his education, McKinzie chose to go to Boise State University. While at Boise State, he majored in Communications with a Media Emphasis and minored in Marketing. He participated in the Boise State Venture College from 2015-2017. McKinzie knew that he wanted to pursue a career in entertainment and media but wasn’t sure which direction to take.

While attending Boise State University, McKinzie played football as a walk-on from 2013-2016. Because he didn’t get to play in games, he said that this experience taught him persistence and perseverance, which has helped him throughout his career.

McKinzie got his start in entertainment and media by interning at local radio stations. The Venture College helped McKinzie learn the small steps to get an idea off the ground. “Most people have great ideas but don’t know the next step to take. Venture College was key in knowing the next steps to take and the basics of entrepreneurship,” said David McKinzie.

McKinzie now runs a wildly successful media platform and talk show entitled “The Voice of Boise,” which has earned him the title as ‘The Voice of Boise.’ In his talk show, McKinzie interviews notable guests from all over the country such as:

David McKinzie with Dave Egger, a professional cellist who writes for bands like Coldplay
David McKinzie with Dave Egger, a professional cellist who writes for bands like Coldplay
  • Charles Barkley
  • Heather Cox of NBC
  • Tommy Ahlquist, CEO of BVA
  • LeBron James
  • Dallas Cowboys athletes
  • Grammy Winning rock band Papa Roach

McKinzie now has the #1 social media talk show in Boise, Idaho. McKinzie acts as the Creative Director for the talk show that his media team produces. He relies on his faith, storytelling, and video strategies to highlight and promote his guests. This success has allowed McKinzie to be featured on Good Morning America, CBS and The CW network.

In addition to being the Host and Producer of his own talk show, McKinzie is also the Founder of David McKinzie Enterprises, LLC, a media company that specializes in telling the stories of brands and businesses across the country through strategic video production.

McKinzie is the brand spokesman for Reveal Suits, which is the #1 sports blazer, as well as Urban Air Trampoline Park. Some of his clients have included top CEO’s, pro athletes and top real estate companies, such as Keller Williams, Homes of Idaho and more. McKinzie said, “My focus is to bring businesses to life by helping tell their story to the masses through innovative video content. I want to help turn them into their own celebrity within their given industry!”

In addition to helping brands and businesses market themselves to the masses, McKinzie also serves his community by sitting on the boards for the Boise Philharmonic and Special Olympics Idaho.

Looking back on the strides he has made in his career, McKinzie attributes much of his success to his faith, the skills he learned and connections he made while in college and mentors that have helped him grow.

Some of the mentors that helped David McKinzie get to where he is now include:

  • Ed Zimmer, Director Emeritus, Boise State Venture College
  • Mike Sumpter, Executive Director, Boise State Venture College
  • Shane Hall, Successful Serial Entrepreneur

His career is unique because he didn’t have to move to a city like Los Angeles or New York to have great success in the entertainment and media industry like most people in the industry do. He chose to follow the path God aligned for him in Boise, Idaho, and now, Hollywood and New York opportunities are coming to him! In order to do this, McKinzie has relied on the connections he made while he was going to Boise State. He said, “The grass is not always green on the other side; it’s greener in the yard you’re currently standing in, so water that grass first before looking elsewhere.”

To someone considering becoming an entrepreneur, McKinzie said, “Align with where you want to see yourself. Where do you see yourself in five years? That is a question everyone needs to ask themselves.” David McKinzie is a great example of having a dream, going for it and making connections while in college to succeed in your career and beyond.