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Boise State alum opens new woodworking shop in Boise

Alex Jangard
Alex Jangard

Alex Jangard always wanted to start his own business. His parents are entrepreneurs and instilled a love of entrepreneurship into him at a young age. Jangard started his first business mowing lawns in high school.

He grew up in Friday Harbor, Washington and moved to Boise, Idaho in 2011. He went to Boise State and majored in Marketing, with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the College of Business and Economics. Jangard expressed that he loved going to Boise State because of the culture, community and the people.

While at Boise State, Jangard participated in several clubs and extracurricular activities, including the Ski Club, Club Baseball, intramural sports, snowboarding class and participating in Venture College.

Woodworking became a hobby for Jangard as he wanted to create and loved working with his hands. He is self-taught and learned more about woodworking by watching Youtube videos and tutorials online.

Venture College

Jangard participated in the third Venture College Cohort from 2013-2015. Venture College helped Jangard start his own business, Heart of Timber, in 2015. He made custom furniture, including tables, wall pieces and more. It all started when Jangard posted an Idaho sign on Etsy and began receiving orders.

He said, “Venture College was a highlight of my Boise State experience. While participating in Venture College, I found my home and my people.” Venture College provided connections, networking, and relationship building, which Jangard explained was vital to starting and building his business, Heart of Timber. He also expressed the importance of learning and growing with other aspiring entrepreneurs with a common goal.

While starting and growing Heart of Timber, Jangard credits several great mentors that contributed to his success, including, but not limited to: Parents & Family, Marilyn Bickle, Jamie Cooper, Dallas Crum, Bill Drake, Monte Eldfrick, Jonathon Fishman, Whitney Hansen, Brock Hauck, Derrick Hicks, Kevin Learned, James Petzke, Ryan Vasso, and Ed Zimmer.

Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

When asked what challenges he has overcome in running multiple businesses, Jangard said that he has experienced a lack of cash flow, shortage of labor, burnout and imposter syndrome.

To someone considering starting their own business, Jangard said, “Think about what you’re willing to sacrifice and be at peace about that. There will be times when you will be working a lot of hours without pay.”

The greatest lesson he has learned throughout the course of running a business has been that you can’t be everything to everyone. Running a business brings great rewards, but requires sacrifice. Jangard also stressed the importance of knowing what your time is worth and not being afraid to charge that amount, with respect to the current marketplace.

Jangard said, “Be grateful for everything: failures, successes and learning experiences. Don’t make relationships transactional; value people that give you their time.”

Maker Shop

In January 2022, Jangard sold Heart of Timber and started a new business, called Maker Shop. Maker Shop solves several problems that woodworkers face: lack of space, tools or skills. Maker Shop is a “gym for woodworkers” and offers affordable woodworking classes, a woodworking community and a tool rental service.

In the woodworking classes, you can make pens, cabinets, dining tables, jewelry boxes, knives, bowls, cabinets, charcuterie boards and more!

The tools you can rent to use in the space include table saws, jointers, planers, bandsaws, a drill press, sanders, routers, saws, and lathes.

To participate at Maker Shop, you can sign up for a class, or join a daily, monthly, 3 month or annual membership. Maker Shop also has mentors and coaches that can help guide you in your woodworking journey.

Maker Shop is located in the Overland Park Shopping Center (6883 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709). Visit the Maker Shop to learn new skills, connect with a community of woodworkers and create.