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Current and Prior Year Budgets

Budget information is available online in PDF format for five fiscal years. To request an accessible alternative file format, or a prior fiscal year, please contact

FY24 Budget

FY23 Budget

FY22 Budget

FY21 Budget

FY20 Budget

FY20 Investments by Goal

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$12,461 for Goal 1: Create a signature, high-quality educational experience for all students; $2,441,923 for Goal 2: Facilitate the timely attainment of education goals of our diverse student population; $1,362,921 for Goal 3: Gain a distinction as a doctoral research university; $815,129 for Goal 4: Align university programs and activities with community needs; $327,081 for Goal 5: Transform our operations to serve the contemporary mission of the university; $945,582 for Other priority not identified in the strategic plan.

FY19 Budget

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