Current and Prior Year Budgets

FY20 Budget

FY20 Investments by Goal

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$12,461 for Goal 1: Create a signature, high-quality educational experience for all students; $2,441,923 for Goal 2: Facilitate the timely attainment of education goals of our diverse student population; $1,362,921 for Goal 3: Gain a distinction as a doctoral research university; $815,129 for Goal 4: Align university programs and activities with community needs; $327,081 for Goal 5: Transform our operations to serve the contemporary mission of the university; $945,582 for Other priority not identified in the strategic plan.

FY20 Appropriated Budget Book [White Book] (pdf, added 07/01/2019)
FY20 Approved Budget Requests – Appropriated (pdf, added 06/20/2019)
FY20 Local Budget Book [Orange Book] (pdf, added 07/01/2019)
FY20 Auxiliary Budget Book  [Blue Book] (pdf, updated 10/23/2019)
FY20 All Funds (pdf, updated 10/23/2019)
FY20 Bronco Budget 2.0 Original Budget Plans (pdf, added 09/11/2019)

FY19 Budget

FY19 Appropriated Budget Book [White Book] (pdf) (Updated 06/28/2018)
FY19 Approved Budget Request – Appropriated (pdf)
FY19 Local Budget Book [Orange Book] (pdf) (Updated 07/17/2018)
FY19 Auxiliary Budget Book [Blue Book] (pdf) (Added 07/18/2018)
FY19 All Funds (pdf) (Added 10/04/2018)

FY18 Budget

FY18 Appropriated Budget Book [White Book] (pdf, last updated 07/13/2017)
FY18 Local Budget Book [Orange Book] (pdf, last updated 07/06/2017)
FY18 Auxiliary Budget Book [Blue Book] (pdf, last updated 09/18/2017)
FY18 All Funds (pdf)

FY17 Budget

FY17 Appropriated Budget Book (pdf; Due to the timing of the faculty CEC process, faculty salaries in the Appropriated Budget Book do not include CEC awards.)
FY17 Local Budget Book (pdf)
FY17 Auxiliary Budget Book (pdf)
FY17 All Funds Budget (pdf)

FY16 Budget

FY16 Appropriated Budget Book (pdf)
FY16 Local Budget Book (pdf)
FY16 Auxiliary Budget Book (pdf)
FY16 All Funds Budget (pdf)

FY15 Budget

FY15 Appropriated Budget Book (pdf)
FY15 Local Budget Book (pdf)
FY15 Auxiliary Budget Book (pdf)
FY15 All Funds (pdf)

FY14 Budget

FY14 Appropriated Budget Book (pdf)
FY14 Local Budget Book (pdf)
FY14 Auxiliary Budget Book (pdf)
FY14 All Funds (pdf)

FY13 Budget

FY13 Appropriated Budget Book (pdf)
FY13 Local Budget Book (pdf)
FY13 Auxiliary Budget Book (pdf)
FY13 All Funds (pdf)

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