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Temporary Funding Requests


The Temporary Funding Request (TFR) should be used to request funding for extraordinary circumstances that require funding during a fiscal year after all other options have been exhausted. Requests will be reviewed and approved by Executive Leadership.

TFRs address an extraordinary challenge or opportunity that was not anticipated during the annual budget development process. A request may only be submitted once per year.

  • Each request should demonstrate financial need after considering annual and carryforward budget resources of the department, program, and college/division.
  • By submitting a request, you are affirming that you do not have sufficient resources in the department, program, and college/division to cover the one-time expense without a substantial disruption in operations.
  • Requests for base funding for regular positions should be submitted during the annual budget request process, and not through the TFR process. If a position is required during the current fiscal year, one-time funding may be requested for an irregular (temporary) position until base funding is approved for a regular position during the budget request process.

Approval of this request provides for nonrecurring (one-time) funding of the project/initiative in the current fiscal year. Recurring funding requests will be considered only during the annual budget process. Since the annual budget process considers all funding requests, TFRs may not be submitted during the annual budget process cycle of April-June each fiscal year.


  1. Academic and Administrative units are responsible for communicating internally and determining the need for a TFR, including the TFR specifics, before submission. Every submission must receive approval from their respective VP and Dean (if applicable) prior to the submission.
  2. TFRs may be submitted only by the VP’s office/Business or Finance Manager for each Division. The VP and Business or Finance Manager (and Dean, if a request is submitted for a College) will receive a copy of the submitted TFR.
  3.  Requests are submitted directly to the Office of the Chief of Staff for review and consideration via a Smartsheet report. The Chief of Staff determines the agenda for VP Meetings and will add TFRs to meeting agendas as appropriate. VP meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and agendas for the meetings are set on the Friday prior to the meeting.
  4. During the VP meeting, TFRs will be discussed, approved, denied, or placed on hold. If approved, the VPs will communicate any conditions related to the approval for funding (if different from what was requested). If placed on hold, the Division will be notified of the reason for the hold.
  5. Once a submission is approved, the Division will work closely with the Office of Budget and Planning to complete the process.


Submit Temporary Funding Request Form