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Inventory Control FAQs

How do I get new items tagged?

Items delivered to Central Receiving will be tagged before they are delivered to your department. For all other items, contact Inventory Control at

What needs to be tagged?

Any item with a unit cost of $2000 or more and that has a useful life or service period of more than one year.  In addition, any donated item that has a fair market value of $2000 or more at the time of donation and a useful life or service period of more than one year must be tagged.

What is the difference between the inventory for Risk Management and the inventory for Inventory Control?

The inventory for Risk Management should include any item that your department wants to have covered under the supplemental Inland Marine insurance coverage. This will include items that cost less than $2000 but probably will not include all items that cost $2000 or more. For more information about insurance coverage, please contact Risk Management. The inventory for Inventory Control should include all items that cost $2000 or more and have a useful life of one year or more.

What account codes should I use when purchasing tagable items?

If the unit price is between $2000 and $5000, an expense code ending in “25” should be used. (Expense codes begin with “5”) For example, the account code for a laptop computer that cost $2000 would be 558025 but a computer costing $1500 would be coded 558000. If the unit price is $5000 or more then a capital expense account code should be used. These account codes start with “6”. For example, a server that cost $5000 would be coded 649900.

Can my department sell unwanted equipment?

Under certain circumstances, equipment can be sold to the general public, contact Procurement & Vendor Services for further details.

How do I dispose of unwanted equipment?

Fill out a “Request for Disposal of Excess Inventory Items” form and follow the instructions regarding distribution of the form. This form can be accessed from the Inventory Control web page or the University Forms web page.

I want to give equipment to another department on campus. What paperwork is required to transfer the equipment from my department's inventory to another department's inventory?

An email to the Inventory Control Department asking that the equipment be transferred will be sufficient. Please copy the custodian (usually the department chair) of your department and the custodian of the receiving department on the email. This will let Inventory Control know that everyone has been notified and approves the transfer. The email should also give the tag number and a brief description of the item being transferred.