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Jo Ellen DiNucci

Associate Vice President
for Finance and Administration

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UFS Departments

Controller’s Office

Accounts Receivable, Administrative Accounting, Fixed Assets and Inventory Control, Systems & Reporting, Tax Reporting, Treasury, Marketplace

Accounts Payable

Disbursements, Reimbursements, Internal Payments, Relocation, Independent Contractors, Correcting Entries, P-Card Supplier Set Up and Maintenance

Finance & Leasing

Acquisitions and Leasing, Debt Issuance, Financial Analysis, Policy and Compliance


Procurements Over $2,999, Requisitions, RFP, Contract Renewals, Purchasing Policy and Compliance

Office of Continuous Improvement

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Student Financial Services

Student Account Maintenance, Student Payments and Refunds, Payment and Disbursements, Departmental Deposits, Marketplace

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