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Training Tools and References

How to Submit a P-Card Request (video)

How to Mass Allocate and Sign off on P-Card Transactions (video)

How to Run a Cardholder Statement Report (video)

How to Review the Works Authorization Log (video)

Works Cardholder Sign Off-QRG (pdf) Quick Reference Guide for Works Cardholder sign off and printing of Cardholder Statement

P-Card Approver Sign Off-QRG (Google Doc) Quick Reference Guide for Works Approvers

Works Reports/Quick Reference Guides

Run A Scheduled Works Report on Demand (pdf)

Run a Works Cardholder Statement for specific cardholder, for a deactivated account, or to for cycle to date transactions (pdf)

Run a Customized Works Report using date/cardholder filters (Sign off Status, Authorization of Expense, Cardholder Statement or any available Works template) (pdf)

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